Dukka POS Terminal

Sign up now and start processing card and transfer payments using the Dukka POS terminal.

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Our POS system's robust features simplify payment processing

card Compatible with all cards

customerService Tailored customer support and troubleshooting assistance

securePayment Secure payment processing

battery Long lasting battery

securePayment Accepts transfer payments

How to get your POS

step one

Download the Dukka app

step two

Select settings under the profile icon located at the top-left corner.

step three

Select “Request a terminal”

step four

Complete the application form



Who is eligible for a Dukka POS

Small business owners that have installed the Dukka app

How much does a Dukka POS cost

The POS is free. However, you will need to deposit a refundable fee of N25,000 in your Dukka balance

What is Dukka Balance

A Dukka balance is a vault where you recieve & store payment from business transaction

Is the Dukka POS terminal for agency banking

Dukka POS terminal is not for agency banking, You can only use the terminal if you are running a business and want to receive digital payments

Does the Dukka POS system offer any analytics or reporting features

The Dukka POS terminal is powered by the Dukka app which already has business performance and analytic features built in the app

What type of payment method can i accept with Dukka POS

You can accept card , transfers and pay suppliers using the bank transfer features

Does Dukka offer customer support for their POS

Dukka offers support through various channels including, in-app live support, whatsapp, phone call, email and social media.

How to request for the Dukka POS

  1. Download the dukka app 
  2. Select settings under the profile icon located at the top-left corner 
  3. Select “request a terminal”
  4. Complete the application form 
  5. Ensure you have at least N30,000 in your Dukka balance