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What is Dukka?
Dukka is an easy-to-use digital bookkeeping app for you and your customers. Dukka automates and helps you keep track of inventory, receipts and invoices, money in/out, accept and record cash and digital payments, stay in close contact with your customers, which ultimately helps you to monitor how your business is faring.
What kind of business will Dukka work for?
Dukka works for all kinds of businesses; clothing and apparel, retail stores, online businesses, convenience stores, food trucks, restaurants, pharmacies, you name it. We’ve got you covered.
How much does it cost to use Dukka?
Dukka app is absolutely free for download on either app stores. You can download the app from Google play store and Apple app store, and start using it today.
I am a freelancer, can I still use Dukka to manage my gigs?
Absolutely. Whether you have a product you sell, or offer services to your customers and clients, whatever type of business you are into, Dukka will help you manage it effortlessly.
How can I download the app?
Go to the Home page, by clicking the “Home” button above. If you are an Android phone user, click on the “GET IT ON Google play” button. If you are an iPhone / iPad user, click on the “Download on the Appstore” button
Can I connect my bank account to my Dukka account ?
Not yet but soon. As soon as this is possible, as a Dukka merchant, we will let you know.
Does it work with POS terminals ?
Yes it does. You can use Dukka to record transactions as they happen, and use your POS terminals to take card payments.
Can I connect my existing POS terminals to my Dukka account ?
At this point it is not possible. However, we are working hard to make provisions for portable and affordable POS terminals to all Dukka merchants that need one. If you’d like to pre-order or make inquiries on our Dukka devices, please feel free to send an email to help@dukka.com
What benefits do I get from using Dukka ?
You will be able to keep track of your entire business operations from your phone, wherever you are. Think of Dukka as your friendly bookkeeper that lives in your pocket or purse. You and your staff can record sales, record and track expenses, store customer information and see how much they spend on your business.

What's more, you will be able to boost your business with access to financial services such as loans and insurance.
How do I send receipts and invoices to customers ?
From a single click, you can send your customers' invoices and receipts as emails, or you can send them as an attachment on Whatsapp.

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