Dukka Campus Ambassadors

Dukka campus ambassador program is a hands-on learning program that empowers students with the necessary knowledge to help fellow student entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Through DCAP, we are building a blooming community aimed at setting young entrepreneurs up for success.

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Selecting a career GIF
Selecting a career GIF

Build career-relevant skills.

Build 21st century skill sets through task-driven networking and collaboration with your peers from over 60 campuses in Nigeria.

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All you need to become an ambassador

dukka ambassadors

To become a dukka ambassador, you need to be courageous and creative. Also, these values are needed:

A strong communicator
A proactive performer
A willing learner
A passion for business growth
An undergraduate of any tertiary institution
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Who is eligible to apply?
Any student of a tertiary institution in Nigeria is eligible to apply.
Is the program for only students in the finance field?
The program is open to all fields of study. We are building a community of students with diverse backgrounds and varying interests.
I am a freshman, can I still apply?
Yes, students across all levels are welcome to join the program.
How much would it cost to apply?
No cost at all. It is completely free!
How often does Dukka recruit more ambassadors?
We open up slots on the waitlist every quarter for new cohorts.
If I have information or inquiries about the program, who do I reach?
Please send an email to help@dukka.com for inquiries.
Is there any remuneration for ambassadors?
Yes, you get to earn a ₦500 naira bonus for any business that you successfully refer to Dukka.
How do I get paid?
Once you sign-up, Your dashboard will show the total commission you have earned. You will receive payment in the account number provided during sign-up. Payment will be made only for confirmed sign-ups.