Dukka Partners

The Dukka partner program is a referral-based program that enables individuals to earn passive income by referring business owners to download the Dukka app.

What's in it for you!

Monthly Referral Bonus

Every partner gets a performance bonus on business(es) that they refer to Dukka which also utilize Dukka's solution to manage their daily business.

Exclusive access to Dukka Events and Partners' Club

Enjoy access to product launches, tech talks and other organized events.

Build your resume

Distinguish yourself from your peers by stacking up working experince early enough.

Financial Education

Gain experience on how to thrive as an entrepreneur through scheduled training and real-time ambassadorial responsibilities.


Get the opportunity to be featured on our blog and social media.

Internship Opportunity

Earn the opportunity to intern with us full-time after the completion of your program.

Learn Creative and Professional Skills

such as community leadership, project management, public speaking and so much more.

Swag Bags

Partners get customized merch to show off and share with their merchants.

All you need to be a Dukka Partner

To become a Dukka Partner, the following values are required of you :

A strong communicator

A proactive performer

A willing learner

A passion for business growth

Passionate about solving problems

Meet Our Certified Partners

Currently, we have teams in 3 (three) major locations across Nigeria;


Who is eligible to apply?

I am a freshman, I don't have any sales or marketing experience, can I still apply?

How much would it cost to apply?

How often does Dukka recruit more partners?

If I have information or need enquiries about the program, who do I reach?

Is there any renumeration for partners?

How do I get paid?