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Payment Integration Engineer

Lagos, NG · FT

What we’re looking for

Dukka was founded to make it easier for individuals and small businesses to manage their finances better. We have solved a small part of that problem, but our ambition is to go much further. For businesses, it is still extremely difficult to collect payments in every language, currency, payment method, and tax system. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to participate and thrive in today and tomorrow’s digital economy, and no one or business should be left out because the technology is too great or the cost is too high.

Job Description / Responsibilities

Dukka terminals help businesses extend the way they currently get paid by users. The terminal team’s mission is to make it as easy for businesses to accept in-person digital payments as it is to pay with cash. With Dukka terminals, businesses can unlock in-person payments use cases that are right for their business model - whether it’s creating a superb retail experience, extending their website to a pop up store, or enabling a mobile point-of-sale at the next event. Payment Integration Engineers of the Global R&D team will build out local payment method support for Dukka Terminal in local and international regions to continue the Terminal’s Global expansion. Some examples of the local payment methods include Bank transfers and USSD in Nigeria and mPesa in Kenya.

You will report to the Product Lead, Director of Engineering, CTO, and CEO.

You will:

  1. Design, build, and maintain local payment method support and Terminal experience to unlock Terminal’s new and existing global markets
  2. Build backend and API features for core in-person payments and certify Terminal readers for use across the globe with local payment methods
  3. Work with engineers, product managers, designers, and stakeholders across the company to bring new features and products to Dukka Terminal users
  4. Collaborate with backend and frontend developers who work on Dukka’s client apps and SDKs to set best practices for API development across the company
  5. Work with user research and product design to understand users and address their needs
  6. Provide technical integration support
  7. Analyze customer requirements to determine the optimum solution
  8. Provide timely responses and regular updates on customer inquiries as made known via all support portals
  9. Proactively keep management informed of critical customer issues/concerns
  10. Build Dukka Terminal support for exchanges and transfers, to expand our Nigerian market
  11. Implement features that unlock the ability for merchants to operate globally, such as local debit card improvements
  12. Build out and maintain QR code based payment methods

We are looking for someone who has:

  1. A solid engineering background: 3+ years of experience in payments, backend, and API development. Ideally, you are super comfortable with Flutter, Android, Java, Python, or similar with experience in Full-Stack Development
  2. Bachelor's and/or Master’s degree within the engineering field.
  3. Experience and excitement in payments industry
  4. Experience or interest in developing backends, APIs, libraries, and SDKs
  5. The ability to listen well and internalize the best ideas from all over the organization while also setting a vision that others are excited to get behind
  6. A preference for simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and good intuition for what is lasting and scalable
  7. The ability to thrive in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts
  8. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of your users and be a steward of crafting great developer and consumer experiences
  9. Action-mindset; familiar with agile software development practices
  10. Up-to-date industry knowledge of Fintech, Marketplaces, and Payments

What it’s like to work at Dukka

Dukka is helping individuals and businesses to fulfill their highest potential in finance management. Dukka helps small businesses to start, grow, and manage their online and offline businesses.

Dukka at heart is a technology company. When we commit to hiring, we hire people from varied backgrounds having a broad set of technology skills who are ready to take on some of the most challenging problems in the industry. Our goal is to enable business owners in emerging markets to run efficiently.

We don’t think we know it all, as a matter of fact, we want people who believe the best is yet to come and through curiosity and creativity, will join us in building the future we all want to live in. We all want to work in a company of warm, inclusive people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. The kind of people who are committed to going out of their way to help other Dukkans to succeed at work.